The 2022 version of this classic is expected to feature bolder and more colorful prints

Halle Bailey, who played Sebastian in the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid, recently shared behind-the-scenes pictures of the movie. While she appears to be the real mermaid in the live-action version of the Disney classic, the actress’s appearance was probably created through the use of CGI. However, she was photographed in a wetsuit with a matching tail. This was likely a reference for the CGI tail in post-production.

Guastavino’s 2022 Show
NYE 2020 is fast approaching, and the Guastavino’s 2022 Fashion & Life Show is a great place to celebrate the new year. The private event space is one of New York City’s most prestigious and elegant venues. With its architectural landmark exterior and sumptuous interior, the Guastavino’s is the perfect backdrop for New Year’s celebrations. Page Six, In Style and New York Magazine have all written about this New Year’s Eve gala.

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