What will we be wearing in the future?

Fashion and Life 2022
Guastavino’s 2022 Show will be held on the east side of Manhattan. The show will celebrate fashion as a form of human expression and will draw inspiration from the infamous “”Battle of Versailles”” between French and American designers. The show will celebrate the best qualities of all cultures and will honor each one’s unique style. Interested in attending? Read on to learn more about the upcoming fashion and life event!

Versace’s influential Spring 2021 collection
Donatella Versace is a legendary fashion designer. The brand has had to make changes to stay relevant and remain influential in a modern world. This season’s Versace spring 2021 collection is inspired by a sea goddess known as Medusa. The logo features the head of the goddess. Gianni Versace was a great art historian, so he drew inspiration from Greco-Roman stories and Italian ruins. The legend tells the story of a beautiful woman who became a monster. Anybody who looked at her face was instantly turned into stone, making her the perfect symbol for his brand.

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